The Bar

The Ultra Violent Rays – Saturday, June 27th


❝ Our name is Ultra Violent Rays. We are an electronic duo specializing in spaced-out, shimmering, hypnotic sonic landscapes. Imagine Philip K. Dick howling at a pale and dangerous moon while Siouxsie Sioux does a rain dance around him, but instead of rain, rainbow colored fire falls from the sky consuming everything leaving only a net of blue, grey regret…that is kind of what our music sounds like. We don’t write songs to fit into a certain niche, we write songs that are alive; entities unto themselves. Though we live in the cosmic dark, our live show is a gigantic psychedelic wave of color, light and sound. ❞

New Drink Menu and Specials ☕

The new menu includes our delicious home-made Hot Buttered Rum and special Toddy du Jour, plus four more unique winter cocktails. We’ve also added some awesome new Wednesday night drink specials:

$3 Jäger and Fireball Shots ⇔ $5 Jäger Bombs and $5 Fire In Cider.